Book Review: The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye

Happy New Year to you all! I have another book review for you today! I know I usually review children’s books, but this time I’m reviewing a book for adults. This book is great for anyone that enjoys reading a great love story! I found this one to be quite unique!

I received this book from the author, Alysha Kaye, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Alysha! The “Waiting Room” is very well written! I could easily visualize each part of the book. The love that Jude and Nina have for each other is one of those deep, true love stories, but it doesn’t get overly “mushy.” In my opinion anyway. Their love is realistic. Everything is not always just perfect. They have disagreements and different opinions on things at times.

I was intrigued in the beginning when the main character, Jude passes away and ends up in a strange place, unsure of where he is now. Is he in heaven? The airport? Some kind of Dr.’s office? Purgatory? People start appearing to the room and leaving through a mysterious door as soon as they hear their names called. Jude’s name never seems to come up on the list. So he is just stuck there, waiting and wondering.

The story line of Jude waiting and watching for his wife Nina to arrive and learning more about the place he was waiting in, kept me interested and turning the pages to see what would happen next. My favorite part of the book is when Nina finally arrives to this place and they get to spend some time together again. Eventually, their names appear on the mysterious list. It’s time for them to go. But where are they going? Will they ever see each other again after they walk through that door? Will they be together again in this place someday? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

There are many stories within the main story you could say. It was interesting to see all the different characters throughout the book. Ruth, Donna, Joe, and Haley were all nice additions to the story. Each of them played important parts. I also enjoyed a peek into the future and imagining what that could be like someday. I thought the ending was unusual, but good. It’s one of those endings that leaves you curious and wanting to know more! But I did enjoy it!

If you’re looking for a true love story that is different from all the rest, this is definitely a book worth reading! You can order this book on Amazon. The author also has a blog if you’d like to check out more of her work!

Something to note: I think this book would be best for readers ages 13 years old and up, since there are a few curse words in it. They are not that overly used, but just something to be aware of.

One last note: I was not paid to review this book.

Thanks for reading! And remember, our words and actions really do matter!

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